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Every Built Connection

An Integrated Approach to
Health & Social Transformation

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What if we realised we are actually 
dependent on interdependence?

Every Built Connection exists to facilitate co-created solution building to critical health issues facing society,

focusing on designing inclusive, equitable and sustainable communities. We provide a range of 

integrated services and tools to help organisations and institutions facilitate radical change

and achieve social impact, while optimising for performance and productivity.


  • Health & Wellbeing Strategy Partner for SMEs

  • Systems Thinking Methods & Intervention Innovation

  • Facilitated Design Thinking Initiatives to meet ESG & UN SDGs

  • Capacity Building to Address Underlying Wider Determinants of Health

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The Art & Science
of Change

How is your organisation shifting strategy and solutions from linear to dynamic? 

A modern strategy is context-driven, putting

human behaviour at the centre.

EBC utilises systems and design thinking

frameworks to integrate behaviour, creativity and

imagination with problem solving. The incorporation of human-

centred design and analysis of behaviour patterns foster an enduring

improvement in innovation and aid in reframing the world in a better reality. 

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"Learn to listen with your whole body. Listen with your ears, your eyes, all your senses. Listen not to convince, or convert, but to change yourself, spark your moral imagination... when we succeed at listening

with all our attention and empathy, we have a chance

to set others and ourselves free."

- Jacqueline Novogratz

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Elizabeth Bachrad

Founder & Principal

Elizabeth believes in creating abundant possibilities for making our ecosystems thrive through innovative design and impact assessment in health and social development. As an integrative health care design strategist, Elizabeth's passion is working in population health across business, education and community initiatives.

Trained in sport psychology, design thinking and behaviour science, Elizabeth has immersed

herself in the world of wellbeing over the past two decades. Working with all ages

and demographics, she brings high levels of engagement, prevention

and promotion to the journey of living well.

Elizabeth is a global consultant with initiatives in

workplace wellbeing for the Global Wellness Institute as well as a thought

leader in a Think Tank addressing workplace health inequities. Elizabeth serves as a 

Strategic Health Consultant for the lifestyle acupuncture clinic in New York City, Common Point 

and is on the Board of Advisors for Global Women 4 Wellbeing. She has currently taken on a role as Head

of Programme Strategy for Business for Health, a business-led coalition facilitating business contribution to reduce health inequalities and add 5 years to healthy life expectancy, increasing the health and economic resiliency of the UK.

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