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TEDx Cowes

What can blue do for you, and what can you do for blue? As we build deeper connections with water-based environments and participate in the reciprocal exchange between water and wellbeing, we generate and sustain emotional connections that drive pro-environmental behaviour.

Clean, safe water sources are integral to planetary survival and also play a transformative role in the health and wellbeing of our populations.

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Business Framework

for Health

The core purpose of the Framework is to measure business contribution to health and promote the role of business in creating a healthier nation - recognising that health is the foundation for wellbeing and economic growth.  

Foreword by Professor Chris Whitty, CMO United Kingdom 

Session in Progress

Through Our Lens

Think Tank exploring workplace paradigms influencing health inequities.

Our history of positive disruption and future innovation in addressing racism as a public health crisis in the workplace.

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