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Advisory & Consultancy Services

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Develop foundations to co-create and operationalise your wellbeing strategy with sustainable infrastructures for enhanced promotion, prevention and response for the many dimensions of health and wellbeing and the many subsets of your populations.


  • EBC becomes your Health & Wellbeing Business Partner to understand core needs of your org

  • Develop a workforce health improvement plan for equity, sustainability & prosperity

  • Build upstream and downstream processes to drive inclusive stakeholder engagement

A strong foundation for change gives importance to context while leveraging intention, thinking and behaviour to optimise the whole. When using wider lens methodologies like mapping forces, analysing causes and effects, and examining interconnections, enduring social change at scale becomes possible. 


  • Develop a phased approach to apply systems thinking and practice to change management

  • Facilitated workshops to explore adaptive problems in complex environments

  • Develop strategies to engage your system aligned with ESG metrics.

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Utilise a design-thinking framework to harness collective conscientiousness and wisdom to achieve progress towards ESG and SDG measures. Cultivate new strategies of innovation and creativity for social change.


  • Design-thinking sprints to develop offerings in line with ESG & selected SDGs

  • Long-term design-thinking methodologies to build empathy driven decision-making

  • Conduct a social impact analysis and apply metrics for continued progress

The impact and interactions of each determinant of health are influenced by social, economic, biological, behavioural and environmental forces. In order to achieve measurable improvements in the health of populations, it is critical to invest in adaptive functions that help businesses and individuals thrive over time. 


  • Conducts a needs assessment & gap analysis to understand your org's priorities for investment

  • Develop a Systemic Theory of Change with a continuous commitment to capacity build

  • Co-create a framework for parallel processes of benchmarking and progress attainment

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